The importance of design and styling in clothes production is undeniable as it is accompanied with specific variation and complexity. This diversity should be created in designing clothes and fashion by considering different tastes and styles found in people as any design or clothe style could be effective on the figure and body appearance of certain groups of individuals. By maintaining variation in designing male clothing to fit the current demand of the society, Jamineh has been able to minimize the cost of clothes design and production by benefitting from modern systems.

Yasaman Niknejad, manager of Jamineh Clothes DesignDepartment is a graduate of Fashion Design from Germany. Variety in her design and style based on Iranian tastes is in alignment with the current global fashion. The knowledge and experience of Jamineh’s managers with the use of modern software has created a precise design and modeling system in the Manufacturing Cycle of this company that has had the best possible return with the minimum human resources.

This system is executed in such a way that based on the set of registered data and specified formulas, by providing only one pattern of the same size automatically models the other sizes and drops, and also designing the pattern of different parts of clothing, such as liners, linings and etc in an automatic way. Modeling unit devices are from the Lectra and Asist brands. Jamineh’s smart design system makes it possible for all customers’ specific patterns to be also designed and executed. Relying on its unique variety of styles and sizes, Jamineh is able to meet the demands of customers with any tastes.