Special sizes

The knowledge and experience of Jamineh’s managers with the use of modern software has created a precise design and modeling system in the Manufacturing Cycle of this company that has had the best possible return with the minimum human resources. This system is executed in such a way that based on the set of registered data and specified formulas, by providing only one pattern of the same size automatically models the other sizes and drops, and also designing the pattern of different parts of clothing, such as liners, linings and etc in an automatic way. Modeling unit devices are from the Lectra and Asist brands. Jamineh’s smart design system makes it possible for all customers’ specific patterns to be also designed and executed. Relying on its unique variety of styles and sizes, Jamineh is able to meet the demands of customers with any tastes.


The term drops in measuring for suit cut is the difference between chest and waist circumferences. Drop measurement scale system is inch and it usually ranges between 2 to 8 inches. In every person, the difference between chest or waist circumference is 6 inch. This number is called standard drop or drop 6. Sports cut or drop 8 is for athletes. These group of people have broader shoulders and thinner waist; therefore, this difference is more than standard drop. People with large body are in drop 4 class; as these individuals have bigger abdomen than others and therefore, their waist size is bigger than standard drop. For this reason, the difference between their chest and waist circumference measurement is less than standard. The highly bulky cut or drop 2 is for individuals whose abdomen is much larger than oversized people and the difference with chest circumference is around 2 inch.

Although using all those heights and drops introduces large varieties (that is, the result of multiplying height 3 in drop 4 is equal to 12 as body pattern in each size), many companies have combined the figures; for example, they select average height for drop 6, short height for drop 4 and tall height for drop 8) and reduce this variety depending on the customers’ body feature and localize the figures to fit the market demand.



S : Small
M : Medium
L : Large


Jamineh has more than 20 men’s clothing sizes in its design system. Each size includes 100 drops and a total of 2,000 different body types. Boyd type models are used as key parameters in the cutting section modeling. This unique variety covers all body types and responds to the needs of customers with any body type. Jamineh is currently producing the clothes for 240 different body types based on the needs of the Iranian market and according to Iranian body types.