Quality control

Establishing employees scoring system is one of the unique characteristics of Jamineh Factory. This system has been designed and implemented as a tool to improve precision and productivity in controlling the work results of the personnel. The advantage of this automatic control system is that each individual can carefully checks his work before sending it to the next person. The exits from each section in the production line is controlled by the head of that section as well; and in addition to scoring, this system makes it possible to easily detect any defected or flawed work and to send them back to the concerned worker for due corrections. In this way, Jamineh products are controlled by individuals frequently in production lines to ensure that final product yields the highest quality possible.



Fast access, quality control of rawmaterials, classifying products and optimized utilization of warehouse space are among the most important points which must be considered in warehousing. The raw materials, fabrics, textile, layer and premier which are called work pieces are delivered to Jamineh warehouse as raw materials. Those materials are first controlled by the specialists in a regular process and their texture and quality are tested to ensure the final product is defects free. In addition to being controlled by warehouse experts, textiles are checked with fiber control machines as well. All items which arrive the factory will have a unique ID. code which will be completed in the production process. Number, size and color are indicators of this coding. The warehouse keeping automation and connected hangers; too have helped in the optimized use of space for regular and standard layout and arrangement in the warehouse. All elementsof clothes in Jamineh are labeled by a unique code for the easy access to the raw materials data of each product.